From Year 4 project to Saatchi Gallery exhibition

London’s renowned Saatchi Gallery is known for championing the work of previously unheard-of artists, offering a springboard to fame. Living up to this reputation, in March this year the gallery will feature work by some of the UK’s youngest and least-publicised artists – displaying creations from a cross-disciplinary project completed by Year 4 learners at NACE member and Challenge Award-accredited Pencoed Primary School.

5 reasons to use grammar games in your classroom

NACE associates Christine Chen and Lindsay Pickton are experienced primary English advisors, with a specialisation in supporting more able learners. In this blog post, they explain how grammar games can help to foster creativity, engagement with the composition process, and a lasting love of language.
If you’re not already using grammar games in your classroom, here are five reasons to start now…

1. They set a high bar for all learners

5 ways to challenge more able learners using maths mastery

In this second of two blog posts, mathematics consultant Belle Cottingham outlines five approaches to ensuring more able learners are effectively challenged within a maths mastery curriculum.

In my previous blog post, I argued that a maths mastery approach holds the key to ensuring our more able learners develop the creative problem-solving skills they need for success – not only in exams, but in life more generally.


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