Expert support to develop your school’s provision for more able learners,
in the context of challenge for all

The NACE Challenge Development Programme offers a complete package for whole-school review and improvement to provision for more able learners, in the context of challenge for all.

The programme can be used for development, audit and action-planning, and for full self-review and school improvement. The Challenge Framework is a central part of the programme. It supports schools already demonstrating good or outstanding provision in teaching and learning for more able learners, as well as those for whom this is a key action point for improvement.

The programme is regularly reviewed to ensure it supports expectations set out in the Ofsted evaluation schedule, and is aligned with other current areas of emphasis in school improvement and accountability.

NACE Challenge Framework

The NACE Challenge Development Programme is supported through the NACE Challenge Framework, an established tool for whole-school review and improvement in provision for more able learners. For schools in the early stages of developing provision, the framework provides a useful structure through which to identify strengths and priorities for improvement. Schools with an established focus on policy and practice in this area will be ready to audit their provision against the framework.

Based on extensive evidence of what constitutes good provision for more able learners, the framework consists of six interconnected elements, each with detailed criteria for schools to self-evaluate against. It is accompanied by detailed guidance on its use, and templates for review and planning. Over the past decade, the framework has been used by thousands of schools, and proven its value as a tool for effective whole-school improvement.

Supporting resources

Alongside the framework and guidance, schools following the NACE Challenge Development Programme have access to a library of supporting resources. Whether you need a checklist to start your school audit, practical resources for teaching staff, or examples of how other schools have approached a specific challenge, the resource library is available to help at each stage of your journey.

Consultancy and CPD

Spanning current school leaders, specialists in school improvement, researchers and advisers, our consultants and trainers are available to help tailor the programme to your school’s needs. Whether you want to focus on whole-school strategy and monitoring, or inspire staff members with tools and ideas for everyday provision, we’ll work with you to develop a practical consultancy and/or training programme. This can be delivered to school leaders, heads of department, or teaching and support staff, depending on your needs. Find out more.

NACE Challenge Award

If your school self-evaluation indicates that you have met the criteria outlined in the framework, you will be eligible to apply for the NACE Challenge Award. The award provides national recognition of school-wide high-quality provision for more able learners in the context of challenge for all, as well as guidance to help schools set ongoing development priorities. To maintain the award, schools must hold current NACE membership and undergo reaccreditation every three years.

Schools holding the Challenge Award are invited to join NACE’s Leading Schools Network, with access to invitation-only events and consultations.

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Note: The NACE Challenge Framework has been revised for the 2017-18 academic year. Schools working with the previous edition have been sent a complimentary copy of the revised framework. 

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