NACE is a recognised international authority on the education of able, gifted and talented children.
The charity has advised government, supported the development of policy and been commissioned to produce a wide variety of materials.
NACE believes that all able children, regardless of background should be recognised and have the opportunity to realise their potential. We support schools review the scope and quality of what they are doing for their most able pupils in a context of challenge and high standards for all. Our ‘Challenge Award’ Framework has allowed thousands of schools to do that, with many going on to formalise their achievements through the Challenge Award quality mark.
As a member led independent charity, we have exceptional reach into schools across England and Wales and a network of advisers and associates that ensures we offer high quality support for teachers, leading to proven impact on outcomes for more able pupils.
We work in partnership with a wide variety of organisations, including charities, the public and private sectors.
If you feel your organisation could help support the development of able young people by working in partnership with us, please contact Sue Riley, CEO, NACE for an informal chat. tel: 01235 828281.

The Brilliant Club charity exists to widen access to highly-selective universities for pupils from under-represented groups. The charity does this by recruiting, training and placing doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in non-selective state schools across the country. In The Scholars Programme, PhD tutors deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups of pupils, from Year 6 through to Year 12. 
NACE is currently working with The Brilliant Club on the development of a joint course for Brilliant Club schools that will develop teacher skills to provide long-term, sustainable support for able children.

NACE is a member of the Canons Park Teaching School Alliance (TSA) strategic hub. This TSA has been constructed to focus on the research and development dimension of Teaching School provision. Along with other strategic partners, such as SSAT and Teacher Development Trust, NACE is involved in developing ways in which its reach can benefit the alliance and the alliance can contribute effectively to its programmes.

Fair Education Alliance

NACE is proud to be part of the Fair Education Alliance (FEA), which is comprised of 27 of the UK’s leading organisations that are committed to tackling educational equality. The goal of the FEA is to significantly narrow the achievement gap between young people from our poorest communities and their wealthier peers by 2022.
The Fair Education Alliance REPORT CARD 2016 shows that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are less likely to be ready for primary school than their affluent peers and less likely to finish primary school with the necessary levels of literacy and numeracy. It also shows that children from lower income backgrounds are less likely to be in employment, education or training at 16 than their better off peers.
The FEA has set out five impact goals to tackle this inequality:
  • Narrow the gap in literacy and numeracy at primary school
  • Narrow the gap in GCSE attainment at secondary school
  • Ensure young people develop key strengths, including resilience and wellbeing, to support high aspirations
  • Narrow the gap in the proportion of young people taking part in further education or employment based training after finishing their GCSEs
  • Narrow the gap in university graduation, including from the 25% most selective universities
    NACE is supporting the development of the FEA Impact Goal 3: wellbeing and resilience.

Nasen and NACE are both organisations committed to ensuring that all children and young people achieve their full potential.  DME is used to describe those individuals who have one or more special educational needs and who also have high ability.  It is not easy to spot these children in our schools as their abilities can mask their special needs just as their special needs can mask their abilities.  Nasen and NACE believe that DME children need to be recognised and understood by classroom teachers so that their needs can be better met both within and beyond the classroom.

We are an independent charity that transforms lives through literacy. We believe that literacy is a vital element of action against poverty, and that improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills boosts life chances and increases employability and earning potential. We run literacy projects in deprived communities and we support schools and early years settings to deliver outstanding literacy provision. Our research and analysis make us the leading authority on literacy and drive our interventions. We campaign to make literacy a priority for politicians and parents. Early action on literacy can turn around a child’s future and our work is focused on those critical moments in literacy development where we can make the greatest impact. Our mission is to equip disadvantaged young people with the literacy skills they need to get a job and to be successful in life.
We are delighted to be working with NACE on a number of events: Sport and the more able (12th January 2017) and More Able and Talented Pupils: Making it work in STEM (19th May 2017).

NRICH enriching mathematics

The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. NACE is pleased to share NRICH resources with its members.



Since publishing our first revision guides in 2002, Rising Stars has grown to be one of the largest and most loved primary publishers in the UK, with our resources used in over 14,000 schools.
Now part of the Hodder Education family, our focus remains as it always has on ensuring that we listen to teachers, produce high-quality resources that support them in their areas of need and that we never lose the ‘personal touch’. 
We now publish a range of print and digital resources across all areas of the primary curriculum and are committed to ensuring that every resource we produce will make a difference to children’s learning.
Rising Stars are delighted to work with NACE on a range of quality resources for the more able including English for the More Able  and Maths for the More Able  and are pleased to offer NACE members 10% discount on all our publications.
Find out more on the Rising Stars website